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Our hour with David Pogue

Posted in Uncategorized by minniebakker on November 18, 2009

Last Saturday, we were dazzled again by fellow Westporter David Pogue, who talked at the library about his new book, The World According to Twitter. Someday I’ll find just the right adjectives to describe him (brilliant, talented, funny, what else?) but for now his short-form bio will do.  He began by placing Twitter in the context of Web 2.0 (people interacting on the Internet) and ended at the piano, singing his new song about I-Phone Apps (not yet in his Song Spoofs collection.) You can listen to a podcast of the talk (about an hour) and/or download it to your MP3 player.
But listening doesn’t capture what was on the screen on Saturday. About the book, here’s a video of what he said and showed on the Martha Stewart show. (My conclusion was that Twitter is for people like them, not for us.) Twitter also fits in the larger context of what’s going on with cell-phones today, especially the I-Phone. What I-Phone apps can do takes our breath away. Here’s a video of David’s 12/08 conference presentation on Life with Cell Phones — the marriage of the cell phone and the Internet (27 worthwhile minutes.)
Pogue at the New York Times